All Enchiladas served with Rice and Refried Beans

CHEESE ENCHILADAS   (2)7.99   (3)9.50
Topped with gravy and cheese.

CHICKEN ENCHILADAS   (2)8.50   (3)9.50
Topped with Spanish sauce and cheese.

BEEF ENCHILADAS   (2)8.50   (3)9.50
Topped with chili gravy and cheese.

ENCHILADAS VERDES   (2)9.75  (3)10.99
Topped with tomatillo sauce and Monterey cheese.
Served with rice and beans  (beef or chicken fajita).

ENCHILADAS AL CARBON   (2)9.75  (3)10.99
Fajita Beef or Chicken topped with Chili gravy and cheddar cheese.

ENCHILADAS DE MOLE   (2)9.75  (3)10.99
Chicken or Beef fajita topped with mole and queso fresco.

ENCHILADAS DE CREMA   (2)9.75  (3)10.99
Fajita Beef or Chicken enchiladas topped with sour cream sauce.

SPINACH ENCHILADAS   (2)9.75  (3)10.95
Wrapped in flour tortilla topped with spanish or sour cream sauce and topped with Monterey cheese.

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